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Blog > Jessica Pride Weighs in on National City Teacher Jacqueline Ma’s Re-Arrest3 min read
(Last Updated On: March 15, 2023)

Attorney Jessica Pride is weighing in on why National City teacher Jacqueline Ma was re-arrested for additional sex crime charges. 

The Lincoln Area Elementary school teacher was initially arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 13-year old student. She was released on bail, but was then re-arrested for more than a dozen new charges. 

Online records show Ma’s new charges involve multiple counts of sexual exploitation involving a child, as well as dissuading a witness or victim. Attorney Pride said the dissuasion charge could mean Ma tried to contact the survivor or a witness to potentially alter the investigation’s outcome. 

“It’s unclear whether that contact was an explicit request to have them keep quiet or not participate in the investigation, or something implied like reaching out and saying, hey, contact me on Facebook,” Pride said.

In addition, Ma is also being charged with several counts of possession or distribution of child pornography. 

“Either she was sexting with the student or sending the student porn or images of a sexual nature,” Pride said.

Recent studies show children could be at increased risk of online sexual abuse, so these types of violations are heavily monitored by authorities, and perpetrators face severe penalties. In addition to criminal consequences, a civil lawsuit can help survivors obtain the assistance needed to recover damages and losses caused by abuse.

At The Pride Law Firm, we place a high priority on keeping our schools and neighborhoods safe. School sexual abuses can involve ongoing or repeating instances of abuse, so it’s important to ensure that the necessary legal action is taken. Contact us at (619) 516-8166 if you have any information regarding sexual assaults or abuses in your community.

About Jessica Pride

Jessica Pride is a sexual assault attorney who represents surivivors of assault and other abuses. She has worked extensively on school sexual abuse cases similar to the Ma case. 

These include a lawsuit involving sexual abuse and negligent supervision at Francis Parker School, and a case involving child sexual abuse happening at Christian Youth Theater (CYT) programs in San Diego. 

Pride focuses on empowering sexual assault survivors and providing them with compassionate, supportive care throughout the legal process.

The Importance of Contacting a Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual assault cases are typically not static, and new developments can emerge as the investigation unfolds. Frank Bradley, a retired San Diego Police sex crimes investigator, said, “It’s almost never over in its initial stage because you may get more victims, so you keep probing.” 

Thus, it’s important to contact authorities as well as a sexual assault attorney if you have been affected by sexual assault, or if you have information about such violations. Doing so can help reveal important information that might uncover more survivors as well as prevent future instances of abuse.

If you or a loved one have been impacted by sexual assault, contact The Pride Law Firm at (619) 516-8166. Whether you have questions, need to report abuse, or just need someone to talk to about your experience, you can feel safe with our team of legal professionals who are trained to provide support and guidance. We can set up a no-cost, no obligation consultation to discuss your concerns in a completely confidential and compassionate atmosphere.


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